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Drawn in the shadow of a twilight sky, the rider reined back his mount atop the crest of the hill. The man pitched forward and then dismounted, iron-sheathed boots sinking into the moist earth.

He was tall and clad in heavy obsidian armour. As he released the helm from his head, a cold night wind tore at his short straw coloured hair and about his cobolt -coloured as they soaked in the misty landscape. His attention returned to his horse, which writhed in protest as he wrestled it forward to the hill’s edge.

Two figures awaited him. Both were crouched low, disregarding his presence. Each stared into the scarred ground, one in leather armour and the other in a long coat of silver. The coated man turned and rose, his charcoal eyes locking with the newcomer. He was as young as the rider, but could not have looked more dissimilar. Tilting his head into the wind, the coated figure offered a half-smile.

‘We have found them,’ the words expressed relief more than satisfaction.

The rider put back of his wrist to the dampness on his forehead. ‘How long do you say?’

‘Another half day’s ride, at most.’

‘They have forsaken any attempt at hiding their trail.’ The third man stood. He was older, bearded, with olive skin. ‘They must know they have pursurers.’

‘Perhaps.’ The rider considered, ‘Or maybe they are close to their destination.’

‘Whichever it is, we must not delay.’


Written by Jason

August 24, 2008 at 8:10 am

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